Verdi Agro Fund

Verdi Agro Fund is the first fund on the Czech market that offers qualified investors the opportunity to invest in farms and agricultural primary production. The uniqueness of the Fund lies in the fact that it does not invest only in agricultural land, but mainly in farms in the Czech Republic with the aim of their modernisation and further development.
Agrospol Starý Pelhřimov
Druhá Poběžovická
Currently, the Fund holds a stake in three farms, jointly managing over 4,700 hectares of land. These farms specialize in both plant and animal production, as well as in the production of electricity using biogas plants.
We strive to achieve balanced economic growth while considering a sustainable approach to landscape, and at the same time, our goal is to preserve the traditions of Czech agriculture.
Minimum Investment
CZK 1,000,000 / equivalent in EUR
Investment Horizon
5 years
Expected Fund Return
10% p. a.

Verdi Apex

The Verdi Apex Fund offers a unique approach to the prestigious world of global hedge funds. Recent crisis-filled years have shown that passive portfolio strategies can be too vulnerable.
Conversely, increased volatility brings benefits to actively managed hedge funds, which utilize advanced trading strategies and provide a response to uncertainty in capital markets. The strategy of the Verdi Apex Fund is carefully crafted to capitalize on the high performance of certain types of hedge funds while simultaneously dampening their volatility through investments in credit funds.

Due to the fund's size, investor risk is spread across a broad spectrum of underlying funds. The selected funds have minimal correlation with each other and, in particular, practically zero to negative correlation with stock markets. This feature is particularly valuable for investors in times such as the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 or the interest rate hikes in 2022, where they are exposed to risks in equity markets.
Minimum Investment
CZK 1,000,000 / USD 500,000
Investment Horizon
5 years
Expected Fund Return
10% p. a.

One Family Office

The new family office was established through the collaboration of two renowned entities: Verdi and Havel & Partners, leading law firms in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Its focus lies in providing advisory and strategic services to high-net-worth individuals. The One Family Office team consists of professionals with extensive experience and has branches in Prague and Dubai. Currently, it manages the assets of the founder, partners, and selected business partners, with a value exceeding USD 300 million. The main goal is to reach managed assets totaling USD 1 billion by 2024/2025.
Legal, tax, and accounting advisors
Combined assets of founders and partners
CZK 7.5 billion
Prague, Brno, Bratislava, Dubai, London, Frankfurt

Green Horizon Renewables (GHR)

Green Horizon Renewables (GHR) is a private equity firm specializing in investments in renewable energy in Europe, particularly in wind and solar energy. Kateřina Zychová is one of the founders of this company. Among the significant milestones of Green Horizon Renewables is its entry into the Finnish wind energy market, where it acquired a majority stake in Winda, a company developing onshore wind farms, and later sold this portfolio to BlackRock. Furthermore, the company expanded into the Baltic renewable energy market through the acquisition of a majority stake in two offshore wind projects with a planned total capacity of 330 MW.

GHR is building and developing wind farms in Finland.
Amazon signed a renewable energy supply agreement with BlackRock for wind farms developed by Winda.
GHR sells its portfolio of wind farms to BlackRock.
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